For all massage Pure Sana will use the Massage Oil Orange by Webeco's. Products with high-quality natural ingredients from their own recipes. These products are also Animal Testing.
For your footcare PURE SANA uses Pedicure by OPI. These products exist of natural extracts and ethereal oils and offer a refreshing effect to body and mind.
(nail varnish by OPI and "One Step" by Crystal Nails)
For the Facial Connective tissue Massage / Cupping Massage and the Relaxing Facial Massage PURE SANA uses products by Webeco’s, which contain highly qualified natural ingredients. These products are also Animal Testing.
With the resins and / or waxes, use is made of Better Waxing Technology. The innovative and professionel wax products.
PURE SANA also offers you the possibility to buy vouchers to present to others (your friends, mother, lover, ...). You choise the amount and the receiver makes a choise, for instance one of the luxury arrangements. The voucher has a validity of 6 months after date of emission.