The conditions concern all offers, treatments and transactions between PURE SANA and the client, unless both parties decided in before, emphatic and written, to depart from them. Smoking (cigarettes, pipe, cigars a.s.o.) is not allowed anywhere in PURE SANA's practice. Consuming food and drinks is only allowed in the room destined for that purpose. No animals.
Before getting a treatment, the client has to contact his treating doctor or medical specialist in case of medical complaints (contra indications), use of medicines, pregnancy, and/or other specific medical circumstances. PURE SANA can not be hold responsible for material and/or immaterial damage as a result of the treatments.
PURE SANA does not give erotic treatments, so such requests before or during treatments are not appreciated. If she wishes, PURE SANA can and may directly stop the treatment.
Unwished intimacy is not accepted in PURE SANA practice. In case this occurs in the practice there will immediately be contact with the police.
Hygiene has a very good reputation at PURE SANA. If it turns out during a treatment that the client is not hygienic, PURE SANA can and may, if she wihes, directly stop the treatment.
Canceling an arrangement is possible and free of charge until utmost 48 hours before the agreed starting time of the arrangement. To be made by telephone (see opening hours) or e-
mail. Canceling within 48 hours before the agreed starting time includes that PURE SANA is qualified to charge 50% of the agreed rate.
In case the client is late, PURE SANA unfortunately can not guarantee a full treatment. The agreed full amount of treatment however is applied and has to be paid after the treatment.
All rates of treatments and products are clearly visible in the practice. All mentioned prices are in Euro and rates include VAT. Prices subject to change.
In case prices or rates change, it will be announced 30 days before the date of coming into force.
Special offers are in force during the indicated period and/or as long as in stock.
Before a treatment, the client has to fill out a form with personal data. After completely and truthfully having filled it out, the form has to be signed.
The data will be recorded in an automatic system. All client's data will be treated confidential by PURE SANA, according to the directives of the Law Protection Data. PURE SANA will never let out or sell these data to third parties, without permission of the client.
PURE SANA can not be hold responsible in case the given information in the data-form is incorrect or incomplete (f.i. about physical condition, use of medicines, pregnancy or other specific medical related circumstances).
PURE SANA can not be hold responsible in case of lost, theft or damage of your personal items.
In case a client causes damage inside the PURE SANA practice, we have the right to claim compensation from the client.
Theft will directly be reported to the police.
In case the client has a complaint related to one of PURE SANA's treatments and/or products, such must be reported to PURE SANA's owner, written and within five days.
If the complaint is well-founded, PURE SANA will execute the treatment again to client's satisfaction and/or deliver a new product to client.
In case of complaints no restitution of treatments or products will find place.
In case no agreement is reached after the dispute between the complaining client and PURE SANA, the controversy will be submitted to the legislator or mediator.